Crederian offers a host of services for Fund managers. Timely, accurate Fund accounting and administration is critical to the success of any Fund. Our customizable Fund services combine the expertise of our professional staff and powerful technology tools. These capabilities set us apart from other firms. By outsourcing to Crederian, portfolio managers are able to focus on their investment strategies and growing assets under management. Outsourced fund accounting and administration provide investors with greater transparency based on independent Fund servicing.

Portfolio and Partnership Accounting

    • Maintenance of all Fund accounting records
    • Recording investor capital contributions and withdrawals
    • Provision of portfolio and accounting records to the investment manager
    • Automatic uploading of security transactions into our accounting records
    • Daily reconciliation of cash and security positions to prime broker and/or custodian statements
    • Verification and recording of income and expense accruals
    • Calculation of Net Asset Values
      • Portfolio pricing using independent pricing services
    • Calculation of performance and management fees
    • Preparation of balance sheet and income statement
    • Accounting for multi-series, multi-class and/or master-feeder structures
    • Fund of Funds accounting, including:
      • Processing  of underlying Fund contributions and withdrawals
      • Compilation  and summary of underlying Fund valuations

Fund Administration and Financial Reporting

    • Review offering documents and recommend operating procedures
    • Preparation of periodic financial statements and management reports
    • Review and reconciliation of income and expenses
    • Calculation and reporting of Fund and investors interests on a periodic basis
    • Coordination of applicable regulatory filings
    • Establish customized reporting requirement with client
    • Coordination of preparation of tax returns and K-1s with tax preparer
    • Complete support for audited financial reporting:
      • Liaison with auditors
      • Coordinate timetables for completing the audit process
      • Prepare detailed audit package for auditor
      • Preparation of draft GAAP financial statements and footnotes for annual report

Investor Reporting

    • Maintenance of investor register and capital accounts
    • Verification of subscriptions and redemptions
    • Record investor subscriptions and redemptions onto accounting records
    • Preparation of investor capital account statements
    • Preparation of investor contribution statements
    • Assistance with anti-money laundering (AML) and USA Patriot Act compliance
    • Facilitation of investor money movement

Tax Services

    • Preparation of U.S. Federal 1065
    • Preparation of U.S. state and local tax returns
    • Preparation of K-1, 1099 and 1042 reporting
    • Preparation of PFIC statements
    • Assistance with tax elections and related issues
    • Preparation of periodic tax estimates
    • Assistance with tax consulting and planning

Start-up and Pre-Launch Services

    • Introduction to, and liaison with, local and foreign legal counsel
    • Introduction to prime brokers, custodians audit firms and independent directors
    • Review of offering memorandum and other Fund legal documents
    • Consultation on Fund structures
    • Development of operational procedures and workflow
    • Dedicated client transition team

Other Fund Services

    • Administration for Separately Managed Accounts
    • Administration for Family Offices
    • Administration for Life Settlement Transactions
    • Administration for Premium Financing
    • Administration for Structured Settlements
    • Consultation on Fund Structures
    • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
    • Assistance with due diligence reviews
    • Risk and exposure reporting

Additional Services for Fund Managers

    • Concierge services
    • Gift, estate and trust planning
    • Assistance with insurance planning and coverage