Peg Moulder, Director, Client Services

Peg is responsible for shareholder operations and support, systems interfaces and related systems development for SunGard’s Asset Arena Transfer Agency platform. Peg also provides back office support for broker-dealers which carry positions with fund clients serviced by Crederian.

Prior to joining Crederian, Peg was Director of Project Management and Broker Dealer Services at Citco Mutual Fund Services, Inc. In her position at Citco, Peg was responsible for systems development, broker-dealer services, NSCC processing, as well as statement processing and year-end tax reporting.

Peg began her career in 1974 at First Pennsylvania Bank, n.a., and later joined PFPC, Inc. During her tenure of more than fifteen years at PFPC, Peg was responsible for client relationship, systems development and operations for domestic and offshore mutual funds as well as investor servicing for alternative investments. At PFPC, Peg developed and managed the Broker-Dealer Services Division which was a full service division dedicated to the support of the broker-dealer back offices for PFPC clients. Peg is an industry expert in DTCC trading platforms.

Peg attended Drexel University. Peg has served as a member of the ICI Transfer Agency Advisory Committee.

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